Friday, 12 September 2014

August Cards

Wow, August was CRAZY!  I can't believe that I was actually able to keep up with this goal.  Sheesh!  

Here are the cards that kept me busy last month:

 This card was made for The Box of Sunshine I sent to one of my sisters.  You can read more about what went into that box here.

What do you do when your best friend has an adorable baby boy?  Why make her a card, of course!  I am so happy for her.  I wish that I could be there to kiss his little cheeks, but being in different states makes that kind of hard.  I guess a card will have to do.

Simple.  Edgy.  Birthday.  The End.

My husband's family wasn't able to get together to celebrate Father's Day until this month (yes, Father's Day was two months ago.)  So we made a big party out of it and celebrated his dad's birthday too!!

 I made this one for my wonderful mom.  She is addicted to everything purple, so that had to be included.  I love the rounded corners on this one.

 My husband and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary last month.  Best 6 years of my life!
We are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormons), and we believe that marriage can be beyond "till death do you part."  I'd love to answer any questions you have about Mormon Temples and what we believe.  Or you can find more info here.

 Do you remember Homestar Runner?  My little brother and I use to love it!  We have this long running joke about one of the episodes.  If you want to be in on the joke, you can watch the short 4 minute episode here.  I probably think it's funnier then it really is... let me know what you think.

 A perfect card for my pirate loving nephew!  This card was fun to make because I was able to play with fire!  I slightly burned the edges of the paper to give it a fun and unique look.

 I love the simplicity of this card!  You don't need a lot of crazy cutouts and stamps to make a special card.  All you need is a few scraps of paper, and some letter stickers.  Easy!

Here is another simple thank you card.  My blade on my cutter is starting to dull, so I wasn't able to get the clean cut I wanted, but you use what you got, right?

Phew!  We made it!  Now on to September.

Monday, 8 September 2014

Box of Sunshine

It's raining here in Arizona today.  Which doesn't happen all that often, but when it does, watch out!  When it rains, it pours!  The monsoon season is one of my favorite things about Arizona.  Seriously, the lightning storms are incredible!!  We got so much rain last night that streets have literally turned into rivers, most major freeways are shut down, and they canceled school!  I've heard, it is the worst storm Arizona has ever gotten!  

So, on such a dark and dreary day, I wanted to share with you a little bit of sunshine.  This is a little thing I put together for my sister, who was going through a difficult time, and I thought she could use a little pick-me-up.  I call it my little Box of Sunshine.

This is seriously one of the easiest gifts to put together!  And I had a blast doing it, too!  Everywhere I went I would look out for things that were yellow that I could put into the box.  That's right, everything in the box was yellow, and only yellow.  Plus, I painted the inside yellow too, so when you open the box: BAM!!! all you see is yellow.  All you see is sunshine!

I used a pretty small box, so I wasn't able to fit a ton of stuff.  Here is what I included:

Honestly, I could have probably have sent a box four times bigger, and I wouldn't have had a problem finding yellow stuff to fill it.  Here are some more ideas to fill your own Box of Sunshine:

-  Wheat Thins
-  Teddy Grahams
-  Golden Oreos
-  Starbursts
-  Tissues
-  Juicy Fruit Gum
-  Finger Nail Polish
-  Potato Chips
-  M&M's
-  Yellow Loofah
-  Wet Wipes
-  Sticky Notes
-  Note pad/journal
-  Lemonade (or my favorite: Glaceau's vitamin water zero.  Delish!)
-  Lotion
-  Air Freshener
-  Soap
-  Lemon Heads
-  Crayons
-  Carmex
-  Car Air Fresheners
-  Subway Gift Card

I could go on for a while!  You'd be surprised at how many yellow things there are.

And, keeping up with my New Years resolution, I made a card to include in the box.

 Putting together this box made me so ridiculously happy!  It's amazing what happens when you look outside yourself and help others.  

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