Thursday, 11 December 2014


I was able to visit my family in Utah in November!  Of course it was awesome, but I forgot about my crafting resolution until we were just about to leave.  So, I quickly grabbed a couple cards, some paper, and some stickers, and away we went.  I needed to make 2 cards while we were there, with very limited supplies.  Here's what I came up with:

 It's amazing what you can put together with stickers, paper, glue and scissors.  No fancy stuff needed!

  My nephew is a Minion addict!  So, I knew that I needed to make a Minion card for him.  I think this Minion's name is Bob, or is it Dave?  I have no idea, but my nephew sure did! 
(All shapes completely cut by hand.)

Now, on to December cards!  I only have one birthday card to make in December, so I am pretty much done!  


Oh boy, I am so behind.  I am finally getting around to posting October's cards.  Christmas card season is in full swing, so I have been pretty busy lately!

In October I only had a couple of cards to make.  I can't believe that I am almost done with my crafting resolution.  I think I am going to continue making as many cards as I can, but I'll only post the awesome ones.  Hopefully lots of them are awesome...

I would love to see some of the wonderfully creative cards that you have made!  Send me a picture and I'll make sure I post it for others to see too!

 Sometime my creative juices aren't exactly flowing, so I just have to use some fun stickers I have on hand.  I think it still turned out cute!

I don't have a fancy cutting machine, so I had to trace this unicorn and cut it out by hand.  It just proves that you don't need fancy equipment to get the job done!

Oh, and here is the inside of the card.  My daughter really wanted to make a card like mommy, so I had her decorate a piece of card stock, and I put it inside.  This card was for one of her favorite cousins, so it worked out great!

Only 2 months left!  Woah!  Where did the year go?!  

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