Thursday, 2 October 2014

Getting baby poop out of clothes

Today I am going to talk about poop.  It's not a subject that most people want to discuss (or even think about), but when you have both a baby and a potty training daughter, stinky poo-poo is mentioned many times a day.  Some days I feel like I'm up to my eyeballs in the stuff.  Yummy...

Inevitability there is always a onesie to be washed, or soaked, or scrubbed, or burned...  Sometimes, no matter what witchcraft I would use to remove the poop from the stained outfit, the stain still would not come out!  Talk about frustration!   Until one day, I learned the secret to poop stain removal.  And it is free!!!  Ready for it?

The sun.  That's right, the big bright thing up in the sky.

It really is that simple.

Here's what I do to get that pesky poop out:

1.  Rinse out as much as you can using cold water.  (Or, if you live in Arizona use the coldest water that comes from your tap, which is almost hot enough to shower in.)

2.  Spot the stain using your favorite spot remover (ie: Shout, OxyClean, etc.)

3.  Wash as normal.

4.  This is the step where the magic happens.  Instead of drying in the dryer, hang the stained clothes out in the sun to dry.  Make sure the stain is exposed to the direct rays of the sun.

5.   Once dry, look it over.  Poof!  The stain is gone!  Pure magic.

Oh!  That horrible stain!!!!!  (And fresh poop...)

This is what it looked like right out of the washing machine.  The stain is still a stain.

    After being dried in the sun for a few hours.  Stain gone!

I was curious if this trick would also work for dried and set in stains.  So, I took a stained outfit that had previously been washed and dried like normal.  I threw it in the wash again, but this time let it dry in the sun.  After it had dried outside for a few hours, I was surprised to see that the stain was mostly gone!  I think that you can only notice a slight discoloration if you look really, really close.

 Here is the onesie washed and dried like normal.  Notice the gross yellow stain?

After drying in the sun.  Where did that pesky stain go?

This tip has changed my life!!  Or at least my laundry.

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