Friday, 27 September 2013

DIY Large Letter Stencils

            I had some left over paint from my nightstand project, and I have wanted to make some artwork that matched.  I have seen this kind of artwork all of the place, and I wanted to create my own, but of course without paying a large price tag.  Thanks to an amazing sale on canvases at Michael's, I was able to get all the supplies I needed for this project for under $10!  Sweet!  Keep your eye out for sales and coupons.  I live by them!  For only the price of the four canvases I was able to make this artwork for my bedroom that perfectly matches my nightstands.  I love it! 

            In order to create the letter stencils I had to get a little creative, but in the end they were so easy!  And you can use any font that you want.  All you need is wax paper, a thin marker, and masking tape.  Everyone has those lying around their house, right?  Let's get started!

1.  Trace your letters using any font and size that you want onto separate pieces of wax paper.  (**hint** Make sure you don't make the lines too thick, because you don't want anything to accidentally transfer onto your canvas.  Or you could just cover the opposite side with tape...)

2.  Cover and fill in the letters with masking tape.  I had to clean up some of the edges by simply cutting them with scissors.  The nice thing was was that I didn't have to do anything to any of the long straight edges.  The curvier your font the more cutting you will have to do...

3.  Carefully peel the letters from the wax paper and place on the surface of your choice.  I placed mine directly onto my unpainted canvases.  

4.  Paint.  (**hint** Make sure before you paint that you rub down the edges really well to insure that no paint sneaks under the tape.)(**another hint** Paint in many small layers instead of laying the paint on really thick.)(**hint #3** He he, just kidding.  Paint away!)

5.  Let dry.

6.  Peel off stencil.  

It's that easy!

Have you completed this project?  Let me know how it went!

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