Tuesday, 24 September 2013


Fitness has always been really important to me.  I was a competitive gymnast for 15 years and was even lucky enough to be able to do it at the college level.  Since my gymnastics career ended, I have been trying to find things to help me stay in shape.  But as many mom's out there know, sometimes fitting in a workout can be a challenge (unless you count all the lifting and running around after a busy 2 year old as a workout).  Sometimes I need a little motivation.

I recently found this wonderful organization that can help all you busy mom's (and any person for that matter) to either stay in shape, or even get you started on the path to becoming physically fit.  Plus, while you participate you are helping to support a good cause (the National Alliance on Mental Illness and/or Scout Troops 8 and 942).

The premise behind the Month-A-Thon is that by the end of the month you will have completed an entire marathon.  This isn't a marathon a week, or a marathon every two weeks, but 1 marathon a month, doing just a little each day.  I can do that!  Anyone can do that!

Check out their Facebook page, and get started today!

If you have any questions you can always contact Month-A-Thon at:  MonthAthon@gmail.com   

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